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Language Log

Sunday, Mar. 23, 2014 - 9:45 a.m.

Nursing U, planning to go to farmer's market and grocery store immediately afterward. Instead, he fell asleep on my lap and now here I am, no tea, a bit hungry. Last time I tried to relocate him from this position he woke, so I guess I'll stay here. I wish someone would bring me a cup of hot tea and a piece of cold pizza. Not gonna happen, I fear.

Went to the art fair yesterday. Get a new hat to replace my other art fair hat that I lost some time ago. Hope to go back and see some more of the show today wth my mom.

Have decided that probably my airplanes would not do well at an art fair, at least not in their current formulation. There was lots of weird stuff there, but. Don't ask me why. A bit too impractical, perhaps. That said, I am making good progress on my beaded plane. I can't tell for sure yet whether I will want to make another. I definitely want to do a thread-embroidered one. What else? Dye, text, fragility. Handmade netting with good, white handmade paper cast dripping over it.

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