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Language Log

Monday, Aug. 18, 2014 - 7:41 a.m.

Home again. All my plants are alive, although a couple of the mints look pretty rough. The watermelon in the front yard has really taken off, starting to vine out and making me wonder how I'm going to get the hose to it without trampling it. The rains have been good, too. It may be the last hurrah-- rains taper off dramatically in September, then that's it for a while.

So funny on the flight home. We came in in the evening, and saw spectacular thunderstorms and lightning in the area. Then we land and you can hear all the locals on the plane murmuring about the smell of desert rain. And of course Q and U were like, "PUDDLES!!".

The flight was ok, except U napped in ATL instead of in a plane-- first flight was spent trying to keep him from kicking the seat of the crotchety old man in front of him, second flight (4 hours) was spent entertaining him. Spending a whole flight twisted to one side did not feel good. Worse yesterday. He was very cute, though-- someone complimented him on his shirt during boarding, and then he stopped about 5 more times to ask random passengers if they liked his shirt. (They did.)

J mentioned to his parents that we "were considering" homeschooling. I wasn't present for the conversation (thank goodness), but I guess it didn't go very well. As expected, I suppose.

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