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Language Log

Saturday, Dec. 05, 2015 - 8:08 a.m.

Finished my linocut for a holiday card. A modest design. I have done too much looking at master printmakers' work. I need to in order to see what can be done, but I end up a bit discouraged and having lost my sense of what I want to do. I will never produce amazing landscapes or draw realistic looking people and animals. I need to work in the skills while staying aware of what I myself enjoy producing. I want to learn to do multicolor prints, and reduction prints. I think once my brain gets used to thinking that way it will become easy. But first is the hurdle of the first few times.

Meanwhile, I just need to get the hang of getting even ink coverage and accurate registration. Baby steps.

I am pleased with how I am able to move it forward every day at least a little. I still need chunks of time when it's time to print, but on other days I can at least sit at the drafting table I set up in the bedroom and carve a line or two on the lino.

Still planning to use cyanotypes as source for linocut designs. Am amused and intrigued at this idea of translating one medium into another. My holiday card is like this, too (though I won't spoil the surprise. I hope to make enough to send everyone. If you want on and I don't have your current address, send it to me. Shoot me an email if you're new.)

Q drew a design for a card too. It's pretty funny. That's next up in the queue.

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