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Tuesday, Dec. 06, 2016 - 1:34 p.m.

My ridiculous baking schedule. Today: orange creamsicle cookies.

If someone could just remove all the children for like a week our house would be in fine shape. We are considering totally switching around our playroom/dining room, because all the toys eventually end up in there anyway and the floor is smooth which makes it better for various things. Maybe if we switch it the kids will just play in the former play room anyway. Maybe they just want to be where the table is. Maybe people would say I'm being a pushover by adjusting our space instead of teaching our children boundaries. I don't know. I don't mind changing things to make it all work better for everyone.

Of course the playroom is carpeted, which makes it suboptimal as a dining room, too. We would need to find a way for it to not be disgusting while we save to have the flooring redone. And take everything off of big iglybshelf in there and find somewhere new for it. I don't mind the main room being for play, , but I don't want it to be a giant depressing pile of toys that we see first thing every time we come home, either. I feel like me and another pair of strong arms could get it done in a week if only we weren't surrounded by little people screaming about the change, refusing to throw things away, and demanding books be read to them and sandwiches be made.

Parenthood: simple things made difficult.

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