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Language Log

Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017 - 8:53 a.m.

J is back safe and sound, so things are easier in that respect. I am still kind of operating at a lower level of energy and ambition than I consider normal. I remember I use to wake up and have plans for the day (even if it was just what I'm going to do around the house), and lately, not so much. I just want to sit here. Or maybe lay down.

All my projects are stalled. That's a problem. When I have a project going I have a hard time focusing on anything else. When I don't have a project going, I'm so bummed that I don't know what to do with myself. I am still practicising lettering, but have hit a plateau with the Roman caps (a plateau just short of actually being able to do a piece I am really pleased with), and am not sure what to work on next. There are a lot of options, is the problem, and no reason to choose among them.

I need to plan my class.

The difference between executive function problems, demands avoidance, and good old procrastination: with executive function you want to do the thing but just can't get started. With demand avoidance, you may want to do the thing (or not), but the moment it becomes a demand, your spirit rebels against it and you can't/won't. And of course procrastination, where people avoid mainly unpleasant tasks. In the case of class prep, I wanted to do the thing until I was commited to do the thing, now I can't get started. Partly because I don't know where to start. The only parts I want to do are the parts I can't do easily.


I did employ the "just do it before you think about it too much" strategy to clean a bit of the fridge. Yay, me.

May try to catch the Perseids tonight, since the big kids are routinely up till midnight anyway. Rooftop viewing? Perhaps. Lot of light here in the city, though.

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