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Language Log

Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017 - 2:40 p.m.

1. E pronounces 'sandwich' as 'snawidge".
2. My tale of woe: homeschool co-op had its end of semester potluck/showcase last night. I spent hours making black bean and sweet potato empanadas for it. Like, between 3-6:30 I was doing nothing else. On the FB page they said they were going to do announcements and presentations first, and then we would eat. So I planned to arrive late to miss the stressful presentations, in time for food. This also allowed me to get another batch of empanadas baked. I planned to feed the kids at this thing: there would be pulled pork, plus treats.

We arrived a half hour late, just in time! I thought. Then we entered to find that everyone had already eaten, most of the food was gone, all the pork was gone, and no one was going to want any of the empanadas I had made at this point. Just in time for presentations! So I stood there shoving cupcakes at the boys, which was all that was left, while Q did frantic stunning outside to manage her anxiety during the singing and applause. Managed not to cry but it was a near thing.

I don't know what the fuck happened. I guess once everyone saw the food, nature took its course. So I packed up my mostly untouched empanadas, my sugared-up kids, and drove home trying to figure out what the hell we would have for dinner at this point. Exhausted and disappointed.

3. "Is U ok?" "I think so, why?" "He's just wandering around with this glazed expression on his face." "Yeah, that's what we do at social gatherings in our family."

4. I have finally realized that when people ask about how I am, etc, they aren't really asking for information but in order to build rapport and connect. I always attempt to give accurate information, and I never ask questions because I do not want this information about them.


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