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Language Log

Saturday, Jun. 09, 2018 - 10:11 a.m.

As always happens when I am here, I am having trouble with boredom and anxiety eating. The pan of brownies left out on stove didn’t help. Having to make the kids 5 rounds of English muffins didn’t help.

Having the scale upstairs to weigh in every day does help. So far I am only 2 lbs up, it’s not too bad. Only need to get through 4 more days.

All the travel made my hamstrings tighten up.

J suggested a closer by getaway trip where I could mainly do art. I like the idea in theory— focused calligraphy practice, a break of some kind, more arting. But I can’t do sustained art for more than a couple hours just because I become physically uncomfortable.
It’s not the beach, but maybe.

Of course, I want it ALSO, not instead.

Alice said she could pick me up from the airport next time, and if I stay at the same place (or area) I won’t need a car rental.

Our family friend has a house there that she rents, I don’t know if it’s occupied or not and it may not be worth the price of interacting with her, but that is worth thinking about too.

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