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Language Log

Tuesday, Jun. 25, 2019 - 9:11 a.m.

Yesterday was ok for most of us. Played in the morning, went to splash pad, then grocery store. Cheeseburgers. Potato chips.

J’s uncle died though. Second brain tumor among my mother in law’s siblings. Brain tumors are like getting hit by a bus but with extra steps.

I am now trying to decide between two of the grotesques from the Luttrell Psalter for my tattoo. I like them both so much. I have the tattoo sleeve concept worked up around them, one for forearm and one for upper arm. I suppose I should decide which part I want first. It’s a modular idea, individually affordable tattoos that I can add another and another to and in the end have an awesome thing that is visually and conceptually coherent.

The first scholar of the manuscript said the grotesques were “a product of a mind that could hardly have been normal” and so you can guess what my own headcanon about the artist is. I always think anyway that the best scribes and illustrators were probably people who thrived in isolation and states of hyperfocus. And this one also obviously loved his craft and was diligent in increasing his skill.

I’m also reading scholarship about the Luttrell Psalter now and I look forward to being able to MERCILESSLY infodump whenever anyone asks me about it. Hahaha. *laughs in autistic*

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