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Sunday, Sept. 01, 2019 - 10:06 p.m.

Lost some weight while J was away.
Have decided my weight loss (this time) is dependent on my samefood. Samefood being a lovely word I learned recently for the one food that you eat almost exclusively for months until you’ve had enough.

In this case it’s the Costco beef bulgogi bowls.. 370 calories, filling enough to last me through the evening. But I ran out, had to sub in the last bowl of teriyaki chicken. Costco is closed tomorrow and I’m a little distressed about it. I mean, we’re also having cheeseburgers tomorrow but if I could do it without having to answer any fucking questions, I would absolutely eat a bulgogi bowl instead.

Pre-determined portion size seems like a key feature.

Breakfast: sautéed summer squash with pecans, cherry tomatoes, tahini, feta, and a scoop of hummus. Afternoon snack: cherries. Dinner: bulgogi bowl. Nutritious, right?

Want to go to Costco on Tuesday, then, but I have a dentist appointment. It’s also supposed to be my work day. I can’t do Costco too. Can I cancel the dentist appointment and just go to Costco?

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