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Language Log

Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020 - 8:27 a.m.

Dropped the packet with the sample and price list by the nursery with the giant gift shop. Had to leave it with someone at the front desk, hope it finds its way to the right person. Now I wait a week to follow up I guess.

Been very frustrated by the task of trying to make info cards to enclose with my stuff. There’s no online template for that specifically that I know of. Just want a little foldy thing, about 2-3”. Smol brochure. A business card isn’t quite big enough. Try to do it in Publisher and can’t get rid of the margins so it looks right when cut. Getting it to print 2-sided so it all lines up? Challenging and not in a rewarding kind of way. The ones I did years ago I did in a photoshop type program and I went to use that again (a pain because it treats text as an image and I have to hand-place every line), but for some reason could NOT get the text to be any color other than bright blue. So that’s where I left off yesterday. New adventures today I suppose.

I also wanted to do a little enclosure card about the plants. Ideally it would have a nice line sketch of the plant and maybe one sentence about it. Can the retailers keep that sorted, tho? Not sure.

Other things:
My earring cards look good. I hate putting pendants on cards because doing something with the chain is always fiddly and half-assed looking on the back. I may not put necklaces on cards this time around. But then I need a lot more little ziplocks, which makes me unhappy.

Decided that after I have all my materials ready to go, I’ll apply to the wholesale site again.

I had an idea to add a blog to the website, documenting the cyanotypes I make. Had an idea to do limited edition ones, like go up the mountain at different seasons and take cyans of the plants at different elevations.

In general I feel good about this. This is what I know how to do best. There are still gaps in my knowledge but at least I feel competent. I like feeling competent.

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