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Friday, Jan. 31, 2020 - 9:07 a.m.

Update: I did email them. I have yet to receive evidence that anyone ever responds to emails, but I am trying. Also I think I may do more collar/choker style pieces in the future. May not be a favored style for my target market but no one’s gonna but them anyway. May as well make what I like and save money on chain in the process. *** I didn’t end up calling anywhere yesterday. The place I was going to call, it wasn’t clear on their website whether they carry jewelry not made by one of the owners. I suppose I’ll send an email rather than not make contact at all. No more calls till Monday now, the shops are busy on weekends. Hopefully.

I did finally come up with a design strategy. Before I was trying to design like I do the smaller pieces— start with the shape and then choose the botanical stuff at the end. For the bigger pieces I think it makes more sense to start with the picture, and let the shape complement it. They’ll definitely be one of a kinds, and that’s fine. I hope they’ll be appealing in the right way.

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