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Language Log

Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2020 - 10:52 p.m.

Just laying here, spraying myself with a water bottle every 2 minutes.

It was a good printing day.

So far I have 4 contributors to my book. One of them is a 74 year old woman who does this stuff just for herself and hides all evidence diligently. One is much younger, but is on the larger side. One is my age, but nonbinary (not that you can tell from these particular pics, but still). And it makes me feel good about the project, that I will have a range of people in it, that it will be a witness to their beauty and their pleasure. It’s a good project, in a feminist kind of way. This is solid feminist praxis.

I hope they will give me a quote or two I can pair with their pics. I might carve it in lino to print with the images.

I need to be able to scan the prints and then print them nicely. This turns out to be an expensive procedure. Good scanners are expensive. Good printers are expensive. So. I probably don’t need top of the line, but even so.

It’s worth doing, though.

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