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Language Log

Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2020 - 12:47 p.m.

I did a sample layout for a book page just to see how it will print. Now if the kids will stop wandering past the computer so I can print it, that would be great.

I figure I need a list of contents, or descriptions of each pic/ model credit. And should I write something about the process? Or just let it speak for itself? The less printing the better because I can’t help that it will look obviously run off a home printer, and my type layout skills are not great either. The title I will do in linocut. For the cover paper...I’m not sure. I could do a relatively small title plate, and surround it with decorative paste paper or printed paper. Or I could make the title plate larger and more decorative (think book covers from early 1900s). Yes. I think I want to do that.

I have been doing the intense exercising thing for 5 days now. Keeping track of it on the graph paper helps a lot. I haven’t lost any weight but according to measurements I have lost an inch off my waist. I don’t think I screwed up the measurements. I don’t know about my hips because I never measure my hips right. And I’m getting stronger, the soreness in my legs has subsided a lot even though I am doing the same amount of work or more. I keep trying to add reps or duration or weight. I haven’t even been doing the cardio part of it because I don’t have enough privacy where the trampoline is.

My samefood lately has been pan seared broccoli that I scramble eggs into and then add feta. Sometimes cherry tomatoes. Same as my usual, then, except with egg instead of pecans, and I think it’s more filling.

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