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Language Log

Saturday, Dec. 05, 2020 - 12:07 a.m.

I ended up doing a nice little print. Still need to do some text to go with it but I’m very happy with it. I’ll make postcards I think instead of full on cards.

1. The design tessellates and will make a nice larger print that way. On paper or on clothing.

2. Will make a good patch.

3. Would make a good ornament too.

I did it in pink rubber for ease of printing cards but maybe I’ll do one in lino too. I’m not sure.

Now kind of excited about making more tesselating prints, which is not what I need to be doing with myself mostly. Ah well.

Workout-wise I keep forgetting to do my regular strength training, but I think my squats are getting deeper, so that’s good.

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