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Language Log

Saturday, Jul. 24, 2021 - 9:32 p.m.

Me: standing by kitchen table after dinner wondering if I can leave yet or not, doing my characteristic finger stim

MIL: Are you ok?

Me: yes

MIL: What are you doing? With your fingers?

Me: Stimming

MIL: What? Stemming?

Me: Stimming

Her: Why are you doing that

Me: Because it regulates my anxiety and feels good

… and then I ran away.
No I do not like having to explain myself. No STIMMING should not be a new term to two people who we have been trying to educate about our children’s autistic existence for *counts on fingers* six years now.


Just before this they were asking what the deal is with U and cheese, why he makes such a big deal about not liking cheese.

I said it’s because people bug him to eat cheese all the time and he likes to present most exaggerated aspects of his personality to make sure people understand him and accept him.

“Well who doesn’t accept him? It’s just family.”

Who doesn’t accept him. Yeah.

*heaviest sigh in the history of sighs*

Here another week but really questioning whether I can get through it without losing my absolute shit

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