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Language Log

Sunday, May. 14, 2023 - 7:14 a.m.

I did begin embroidering the eyes on the top, did I mention that? It looks good and may be too weird not to wear by the time it’s done, which is kind of the goal.

Anxiety about the trip is not subsiding. It won’t until I’m on the plane, I guess. All the parental figures are finding my repeat solo visits weird now, as they probably should. “But what does she do there? Why doesn’t she go somewhere else?” Too far to not play the tourist. And answering “cocaine and hookers” just isn’t viable.

But my photos of the city will speak for themselves. And anyway, what we have told them isn’t false. I am generally too slow to comfort to be able to explore a new place every year. I don’t need the pressure of seeing everything. I have thought about going to Florida, just as a mental exercise and leaving out an important element of my Wales experience, and no. Even without that piece, I wouldn’t want to go to Florida solo every year like I do Wales. I like the beach, my friends, and some stuff. But it’s not the same sense of stranger-hood and complete disconnection.

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