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Language Log

Thursday, Jun. 01, 2023 - 6:35 a.m.

Got food poisoning yesterday. I always forget just how unpleasant that is. And today, essentially it means I didn’t eat anything yesterday, and I’m so weak and sore. Standing long enough to make myself tea has been a chore. I’m supposed to walk like 4 blocks to meet someone for coffee today, and at this point I’m not sure I can make the walk. It’s not for a few hours though so maybe it’ll be better.

Tried toning some of my cyanotypes. I used tea and the result is light brown/black instead of blue/white. I’m not sure they’re as appealing as the classic, but at least it’s something different to offer. I’ll try red wine, too.

My figs are ready. Those birds better stay away from them.

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