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Language Log

Monday, Jul. 03, 2023 - 3:49 p.m.

We made it to Memphis. I went on a walk again this morning, solid 2 hours. I feel better. The humidity is… not what I’m used to anymore, but getting out early, it wasn’t a big deal. The walk is along a greenway, near the river, under trees. Pleasant.

Got my tomatoes. Working on a transcript now. Off to a good start. I brought all my jewelry stuff but I don’t know where I have to work on it all. Not quite enough table space.

Oh yeah, still haven’t heard from my cat guy. I don’t know, I don’t know.

4th of July sales campaigns got me good and one clothes purveyor I like had 35% off, which is about as good as it gets, so I caved and bought a red faux leather moto jacket. Last year I vowed to continue making good and careful clothing choices because honestly some of the ones from the last couple years I am still really happy with. And I thought I’d like a good leather-like jacket. Went with red because while black is classic and fabulous, it takes itself too seriously. Plus I look good in red.

Took a handful of blowpops from a candy dish at one of the houses we stayed at and now may have a blowpop addiction. They were always the cool kids’ candy (because they sold them black market at my middle school) and so I was always kind of cautious about ever just buying them. Danger! I only ever got them in my Halloween bucket here or there. But now I am an adult and there isn’t nearly enough standing between me and a 3 blowpop a day habit.

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