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Language Log

Sunday, Aug. 06, 2023 - 8:50 p.m.

Went for my walk this morning and it was almost too much. Came home, hydrated, showered, fell asleep for 3 hours, ate some tomatoes. I’m feeling much better now.

Have gotten the next piece started. I actually dream-worked on it last night so was pretty ready to go today. There are a couple places on it where I’m not quite sure yet what I’ll put there, but I’ve got a good start. Can’t wait to begin tomorrow. This evening I coated the piece with the cyan solution.

This one is linen. I’m finding that I really like working with linen.

Got a lot of likes on the one I posted. That makes me feel good. Some of those who reacted I suspect have no idea how gay it is. But that’s ok. Or maybe they do. Who knows.

I’m actually really pleased with how well I’m doing at using a visual language to give the pieces an about-ness. I’m not sure whether I’ll run out of themes and imagery soon, or be able to keep on like this. I’m enjoying it, anyway.

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