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Language Log

Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2023 - 8:16 p.m.

It ended up being a pretty enjoyable trip. Railroad park, which I wouldn’t have been surprised if all 3 were too old to enjoy, but instead they all enjoyed it thoroughly. Old enough for the noises not to trigger meltdowns, old enough to ride on things without fear of new activities. Then we went back the night for the Halloween version of the train ride. Pleasant.

The boat ride was also fine except for me, reacting badly to being in an enclosed space with so many tourists from the Midwest.

Mended pants the whole time. Almost done with them. They’re turning out nice. I’d give them away just for the feeling of someone else enjoying them. Can’t say that out loud. But whatever. I can wear them. They’ll fit me.

Went for a walk again finally this morning. I’m so bored of this walk. But it feels good. I may go again tomorrow.

Got supplies for the calligraphy class. Very nervous.

The plants were still alive, although it was a very near thing for the basil in the front yard. It’s too hot. Still hitting 100 in mid October. Is this normal now? Anyway, we changed the water on the 5 gallon bucket with the tomatoes, and need to do the water in the small system too. They were both very low on water. I hope to not go anywhere for longer than two days till next May. Hopefully Uly will be up to managing it all by then, with prompts.

My seeds arrived but I’m nervous about planting them. Story of my life.

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