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Language Log

Wednesday, Nov. 08, 2023 - 2:10 p.m.

The tomato suddenly went limp and I changed the water and scrubbed the bucket and it’s still in this condition. No discoloration. Roots look healthy. Nothing to indicate any of the things the internet tells me it might be. I don’t know. I’ll be really sad if they don’t make it. It’ll be hard to want to try again, honestly. Is it the new nutrient? No idea. It was hard to lift up to change the water and I hate to try again with it limp, but I suppose I may as well. Maybe I can siphon it out. Need a tube for that though.

I signed up for the holiday blitz, the last minute shipping promotion on the website. It’s the 27th. I’m trying to focus on getting lots of pieces ready, ready to ship or ready to make real quick. Has to be shipped within 5 days. I can do it. I started 18 pairs yesterday and 18 pairs today. Good start if I can keep the momentum.

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