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Language Log

Friday, Nov. 17, 2023 - 8:05 a.m.

Apparently it was spider mites on the little indoor tomato, and so now I’ve attempted to treat them. It was really getting out of hand. On the mint, too.

Really stuck on this issue of the new jewelry line. I want something that’s in this niche: imaginative, creative, whimsical, colorful, fun. Paint splatters and mark making and asymmetry. The problem is I’m setting out to make it for my wholesale line, because jewelry is not one of the things I need to make to just sit around here. I don’t even wear jewelry. But I also need it to be enjoyable to make. Something with more limited releases, one of a kinds. Usually the fun zany jewelry sells for less than the more restrained stuff. Look, none of mine is that restrained.

But I also like things to hit some kind of a note with people. With jewelry. I like to play with that. What kinds of things you can say and express. I see textile artists and knitters doing amazing things with that these days, but it just feels like too tall an order: meaningful, vulnerable, authentic, colorful and imaginative and whimsical and also something a retailer can see their customers buying. But also, I feel so close.

Smorgasgourd starts Monday. I am not ready. Even just the going grocery shopping and calling my mother.

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