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Language Log

Wednesday, Oct. 04, 2006 - 6:29 p.m.

The students are sending me attachments of their rough drafts for me to make comments on. I have to hand them back tomorrow. For some reason they all end up sending them to me like three times. I don't get it. Is it the Unicode?

Yeah, it's true, now that I am pretending to have made up my mind, I can hardly bear to show up. I'm like, "Why am I here? Shouldn't I be varnishing things? I have an order to fill.") (Which is only partially true-- I have a request to send some things on consignment to my old art-glass employers, who now have a gallery in VA, but it's not like I have a deadline or they've paid me or anything. Still. Tis the season!)

Except in class, the cool prof made me get excited about my project again. She's good at that. I have to remember, though, that I only seem to be that excited when I'm listening to her. The rest of the time, not so much, and I don't think I can get her to follow me around to inspire me when I need it. As great as that would be.

It's just not enough. All the cool things I could do if I weren't busy analysing things and trying to exceed people's expectations now seem tangible, not just hypothetical.

In the meantime, I have to teach people what to do with "adjective" clauses.

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