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Language Log

Saturday, Oct. 28, 2006 - 11:03 a.m.

After two days of rain and misery, today is a beautiful, clear fall day, well-fitting the weekend before Halloween. I commend the universe for producing such a day.

The farmer's market is shrinking, but there was a band there (the orchestral sort), plaing band music with Halloween masks on. I bought some of the fabulous maple syrup, whcih I will remember to refrigerate after opening this year. Also some new potatoes, which the potato farmer said were unexpected fall volunteers. The only great mystery is, where's the broccoli? No broccoli to be found anywhere, and this is usually the season for it.

Today I will be roasting a pumpkin, going for a walk, cleaning the house a little. I will enjoy this beautiful day, and do some things I like! And I'll get a little work done, so tomorrow won't be spent in all work, because by all accoutns tomorrow will be even better than today. I am going to make my classes some muffins for Halloween.

My nephew's new baby was born. This isn't the one with 3 kids, but the other, formerly offspring-free nephew. He sent a link with pictures; he looks happy. The baby, generally less so, but who can blame him?

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