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Wednesday, Nov. 01, 2006 - 11:53 a.m.

Today I sat down to pay bills, and realized that I will have one more paycheck this year, and then likely nothing (or some amount statistically indistinguishable from nothing) for a while after I start this jewelry thing for real. This is causing a minor panic. It's all well and good to plan out what I will need to do, what my strategies will be, and to say that in theory I only need to do X, Y, Z and the enterprise is bound to succeed. But facing the relentless queue of bills and considering the prospect of going some months until things pick up makes me say to myself, "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??"

I must remind myself that I would have been thinking that anyway, come time to go on the academic job market.

So it's okay, I'm just feeling a little...motivated, let's call it.

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