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Language Log

Wednesday, Dec. 06, 2006 - 5:17 a.m.

Last day of grammar class. Yay. But reams of grading to do before I rest, O.

We have successfully acquired a new cat tree for the cats. I had bought a big tall fancy one, but Ballyhoo was not comfortable on it, so it was a no-go. LAst night we found one shaped like a little bookshelf-- simple, but cats do love bookshelves!-- it has a little bed on the second shelf and a little hidey-hole box on the bottom shelf, and a big, flat carpeted top for them both to sit on. It was a winner. I like making the cats happy. Or entertained, or whatever.

Spoke with my friend in VA with the gallery, who I sent stuff to a while back. She has sold several pairs of earrings, but that's it. She has requested more, no words on 'em.

The earrings are very popular, and they are my least favorite thing to make. Oh, well.

I get very intense about the whole thing. Acheiving success is a problem to solve. I need to seem lighter about it when I talk to people, as though it were effortless. I get wound up about something and hone in on some point until it gives (or I do). I'm not sure people like that in an artist. I just, I've noticed that when I talk about what I think is needed to merchandise my things, I'm a lot more committed to solving that problem than the retailers are. Which, you'd think they would be even more on it than me. Even other artists I talk to (well, there was one) are like, "Oh take your stuff here, take your stuff there", as though that were enough, to put it in the right stores. I mean, that's just the first step. If I leave off there, there's no more control over how it's presented, and who knows what they'll do with it. There must be more. I should read some psychology of marketing/ merchandising this break. That would be fun.

Better go finish my class prep. Conditionals today (best for last).

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