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Language Log

Saturday, Apr. 14, 2007 - 5:47 p.m.

I had another idea. Just what I need.

I was thinking the other day about how much I miss doing zines...there are a few on Etsy, is what made me think of this ancient history...nowadays, they say the internet obviates the need for hard copy zines, but I actually don't think that's true. With blogs, you have to have frequently updated content-- if you just want to do something monthly, it won't take as easily. Also, anonymity is more difficult online.

So I was thinking, here's an idea for a zine, I could publish it monthly, sell it for a couple bucks a copy on Etsy. Print only a few copies at a time so I'm not blowing a bunch of money on it.

A zine on grad student life: I could interview (with anonymity guaranteed) 2-3 people a month on a different topic related to grad school. Okay, that sounds lame, but amongst my friends here, we talk about this quite a lot. There's a lot of on-record info about this, of course, but how much off-record? Getting to read about others' ideas, see how it is in different departments, different fields-- I think it could be cool. Interesting for grad students, for prospective grad students, for people who are just curious about what other people's lives are like. Just offhand I made a list of 14 topics-- could recycle them over time, there's plenty to say on all of them.

Well, I think it would be interesting.

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