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Language Log

Wednesday, Jun. 20, 2007 - 7:46 p.m.

All I've really felt like doing today is sleeping. All this diving around. I still haven't totally recovered from the exciting weekend.

Mostly today I've just been messing about with the digital camera, trying to figure out how to take better jewelry photos. Minor success. Then I end up altering them in the photo program. Maybe too much. Seems like evening light is better.

It's nice out, I want to be wandering around outside, but I'm too sleepy. I'm wasting my summer.

This person bought a thing from me, and then when she got it left me a feedback saying that it was too big for her outfit and that I should put a ruler or coin in the photo to show size. Comments:

1. All the prevailing Etsy seller wisdom says not to put a coin or ruler in the photos, because a) not everyone uses the same coins, it's an international site, and b) it looks tacky and crappy to have that sort of thing in your photo.

2. I gave precise measurements in the item description itself, both in English and Metric.

3. Grrr. Stupid people.

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