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Language Log

Thursday, Jun. 21, 2007 - 12:41 p.m.

Went to the bank and they wouldn't let me deposit one of the checks because it was made out to the business, which I don't have the DBA registered for yet, was very irritated. Was walking home afterward feeling a bit cranky and tantrumy, and thought to myself, 'now I bet someone will yell something at me. That would just be the icing on the cake of my discontent'.

That made me think of this incident that happened on campus recently, when this person was walking along up near the psychology building and two teenagers in a truck pulled up alongside to yell at said person-- one of these stupid things where they videotape it to put online afterward. Of course the person yelled back, and then they got out of the truck and pushed him/her into a bush. Then the person called the cops and they were arrested, but anyway, I got to wishing someone would try that with me. I think it would be great fun to not only not act taken aback or whatever it is they expect you to do when they do that, but sort of just laugh at their pitiful efforts and then turn the tables-- next thing they know, they're videotaping themselves being heaped with a vile string of invective that would make the denizens of Deadwood proud.

So I spent most of the walk home composing my string of insults. I feel much better now. Of course, no one ever did yell at me, darn it.

One thing about being a middle-class 30-something year old woman: you don't get to really let loose with the insults and acidic langauge as often as one might like. Here I am with this skill, a hard-earned skill might I add, developed into a keen weapon under very unpleasant circumstances, and I never get to use it anymore.

So, stupid teenagers with the videophones? Bring it on. I am waiting for you.

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