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Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2007 - 7:11 a.m.

Overwrought. Now that I work a bit with metal, I know what that means a little better. Could snap at any moment. But from good stuff, not bad stuff.

I have another show next weekend. I am nowhere near as freaked out as I was this time last week, mainly because all my jewelry is still packed away on its display, ready to go.

No, the main thing is that I have a chance to get into a seriously huge holiday show-- not huge, but HUUUGGGE. Ginormous, even. And I think I will, but I'll have to work hard to have enough stuff. It's 5 days, 60,000 attendance. Trucking tour buses of people in from nearby states just so they can shop. Hard to see how I can go wrong, really, even if it's more of a stuff show than an art show (I'd be there in my capacity as a jewelry vendor, rather than craftsperson per se). Also, a not insignificant outlay of cash.

#2, a person on Etsy who is a design person (web, materials, etc) needs to update her portfolio and made an offer to work with several sellers for free. We all posted to a thread going "ooh oohh, me me!", and she picked me! So I might could have a spiff website soon. As well as other things (store banner, printed materials, etc).

This rocks.

Still haven't told my department the good news, but I will. Soon. Really.

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