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Language Log

Sunday, Oct. 28, 2007 - 7:47 a.m.

Well, the show was...hmm, I'll give it a mixed review. First year, put on by cool people doing their best, but still at the bottom of the learning curve on some things. For example, I was right in front of the stage (it was in an old theater), and there were 3 bands. They were a little loud for a craft show. Very good though (I especially recommend Amo Joy, check out their MySpace page). And then later J bought me a CD of another local band sound unheard just because of their great name (The Born Again Floozies), and they turned out to be pretty awesome, too. So yes, on the local music front, I got a good dose that reminded me of what exactly I've been missing wround here in my past few years of hermitude.

But I only sold 5 pairs of earrings, so. Meh. Gave out a lot of business cards. Met some nice people (though not as many as I would have if I weren't a big social scardeycat). I felt awkward and out of place even among these people who are probably as close to being My People as anyone; I felt my work was out of place too, but I think that's just my neurosis talking (it was so eclectic, that doesn't even really make sense). I'll go back next year if they do it again.

Now, gotta makemakemake for the next show.

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