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Language Log

Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2007 - 8:00 a.m.

I have been hovering at 299 hearts on Etsy for DAYS. It's maddening. I've listed 3 times a day for the last few days, and it's not getting me more views or sales or even hearts. Grrr.

I designed our calligraphic Xmas card yesterday. My calligraphy is AWESOME these days.

I have been reading a book of letters by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. She wrote poetry; her Wikipedia entry was somewhat dismissive and patronizing. But her letters are delightful. She says brutally honest things to people, and her sense of reality was spot-on (despite the fact that she was a devoted spiritualist). One gets the feeling that life was not so different then.

To her cousin the minister:
"You were such a wet blanket on our youthful spirits. Your ever-blazing
lake of brimstone did not even serve to warm the blanket."

To a society lady:
"Ever since your call and our conversation regarding Sybyl Marchmont, I have felt a rising tide of indignation. It has reached the perigee mark and must overflow. If it reaches you and gives you a thorough soaking, I shall feel satisfied.

I have always known you were only half-developed. There are many such people in the world. They serve their purpose and often do much good. They miss a great deal of life, but as they rarely know that they miss anything, it is a waste of sentiment to pity them.

I have pitied you, nevertheless. I have often wished I could give you
the vital qualities you lack."

Anyway. Good stuff.

I'm feeling somewhat adrift now that the show season is over and I don't know how to prepare for the next. I have an ambitious schedule on my plate of desiderata for next season. If all goes as hoped, I will be very busy next May, June, September, and October. For now, I need to rework advertising materials, take professional-looking photos, develop the line of recycled paper objects I keep promising people. Maybe play with the bowls, or wall art, or something. But, ah, no deadlines (other than my first show deadline in early January). I feel a little shiftless. This state has only been for two days, and already I feel shiftless.

This is not a complaint. Just a novel sensation. I'm sure I'll figure out some things to do. I just don't want to lose focus.

Speaking of novel sensations, here it is the end of the semester, and I'm not miserably overworked. I may even have time to put out some of the seasonal decorations people keep supplying me with.

I like my life.

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