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Language Log

Monday, Jan. 14, 2008 - 10:39 p.m.

Vindaloo is scratching at something in the corner. That's never good.

I finally started an official blog for the business. Woo.

My right thumbnail is halfway ripped off. Not the whole thing, but from the top straight across. My fingernails just do this. It keeps catching on things.

The most exciting thing is the bangle bracelets I started working on this week. Lots of room for text; I did one with a semi-depressing Chekov quote, and I like it a lot. More of what I had in mind for the artsier end of things. Neither of the initial ideas I had about the recycled paper panned out (As noted previously, I can't paint, and the recycled paper I have been making has not been on the decorative side yet), but recycled paper is perfect for the structure of the bangles.

Also, maybe cuffs. I have to remember to test these things out properly and not just unleash them on a trusting public. Will they hold up? I think so, but we'll see. As long as I don't sit on them.

I have also been churning out earrings at a respectable rate. At least I get to work with summer colors again now; I've been into the yellow, hot pink, red, orange. There's this shade of orange I get when the fuschia mixes with the yellow-- it's like a sunrise. Been doing everything from that paper. And then also today, fresh from the vat, turquoise and yellow and the resulting green. Insufferably cheery.

I opened that second shop, but I think it may have been a mistake. It's been less than a week, but I just don't feel it.

Oh. Rule #1 when working with gold leaf: Do Not Sneeze.

(No, I didn't, but I almost did, and judging from the effect merely of my breathing, a sneeze could have cost me $40)

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