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Thursday, Mar. 20, 2008 - 4:47 p.m.

It's better in that since my last entry, I have gotten into 2 art shows. One of them will be good, not so sure about the other. It's a last-minute thing, $25 for a table down at City Hall.

Always one to look on the dim side of things, I have to point out that the booth size at this one is only 6x10 (table + a very little room to breathe), so I can't bring my canopy, which means that I can't use any of my carefully-tailored-for-use-with-canopy props. Oh, and they provide the table, which I don't want since my tablecloths won't fit it. I mean, wtf, are they trying to make sure that we can't display our things very nicely? Wouldn't want us to accidentally look professional.

Beginning to wonder if it was a mistake, but I only need to sell a few things to make it worth my while. And I already put the check in the mail. It's just irritating that just when I think I have a nice booth setup and display, I find myself having to scramble to get it together for a little rinky-dink show like this.

Oh, well, I'm broke, so I might as well shut up and make the best of it, nothing else till May.

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