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Language Log

Tuesday, Apr. 22, 2008 - 7:53 a.m.

Since it was only a short visit with the in-laws this time, I only gained 3 pounds. It's killing me. None of my clothes fit. And I can't exercise because all of my shoes give me enormous blisters if I try to do any real walking in them. I took out my exercise sandals that I'm trying ot replace to reevaluate their wearability, but there's a giant hole in the bottom of one, and the entire sole is beginning to split in two.

This will not do.

I went to the shoe store yesterday to locate a replacement pair, but nothing in my size worked. And I was hit on when browsing the clearance racks by a creepy South American man who offered to teach me Spanish and salsa dancing. That doesn't begin to convey how creepy it was. "I don't dance." I said. "Why not?" he said, making swaying motions. "It will make you have hot body." I walked away with my shoes. He followed me, and stood there looking at me while I tried on my shoes. Then gave me his number,. "Miguel" it said. "LATIN."

I am not kidding.

Then, thankfully, he left.

After all that, still no appropriate shoes to buy. Although they did order a couple pairs for me to try on, which I am mildly hopeful about. I'm really hoping my feet will just quit blistering and callus up and let me wear my Privos, but I've been hoping that for some time now to no avail.

Yeah, anyway.

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