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Language Log

Sunday, Jul. 13, 2008 - 7:35 a.m.

Really it wasn't such a good show yesterday. I felt ok (or at least resigned) about it afterwards, but now I'm kinda bummed. Only sold 3 pairs of earrings. Less than 1/5th of what I made there last month. My hypothesis is that last month the university folks were still in town, but this month they've all gone off to Italy or Ghana or New Haven or wherever. If that's true, next month may not be much, either, and September should be good, except that the big art show in town is only a week or two before, and so I expect they won't want much else in the way of art at that point.

But who knows. I am too easily discouraged. Now is the time for me to build up my stock for the fall, make amazing new showpieces, and contact galleries far and wide to give them the opportunity to carry my work. Galleries of Cincinatti, Louisville, it's your lucky month.

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