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Language Log

Thursday, Oct. 16, 2008 - 7:54 a.m.

Starting to get back to work, making things. In a way I feel like the season is virtually over; in reality, I have shops to stock, one more show, and if I would get off my ass and market myself a little, I'd be mailing my newsletter to people and selling things from my website. I've been really slack about that this year. No mailings, and only one email newsletter at the beginning of the year. So much for my business plan.

Oh well, anyway, I said I was getting back to work.

The debate last night. So glad there are no more of those to watch. I thought McCain dropped it on the Ayers issue-- he looked like he wasn't going to say it, then he appeared to change his mind and went for it, then he was dismissive of Obama's account of the hate surfacing at his rallies. Dismissive! And rude! And playing the victim himself, though I haven't heard any accounts of anyone yelling anything at all at Obama rallies, much less anything comparable to what we have caught on tape at multiple republican rallies. And this nonsense about the vets at his rallies being the best people on earth or whatever ass-kissing bullshit...

One thing history teaches us, one minute someone is the best person on earth, then a little rabblerousing and rhetoric gets them fired up, and the next thing you know they're going after their neighbor with a machete. And we Americans, we're not so special. It can happen here, too, and McCain is kidding himself if he thinks otherwise.

/end rant

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