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Language Log

Thursday, Apr. 09, 2009 - 7:48 a.m.

Today at 10:30 we have to leave for the weekend. No choice in the matter. But check it out: not only do I have a problem with my photos I'd like to fix before I go, but also the cats discovered mice in the study. They got one last night and I thought that was that, but then this morning there was another. I'd really like to clean the study NOW, but no, we have to go. By the time we get back, the mice will have spawned another generation or something. Shit.

Cats will do what they can, but it's just too cluttered in there. Too many hiding spots. Small consolation is that this must be new, because V-loo was right on it. She's quite the hunter. Let's hope the house doesn't burn down in the meantime.

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