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Thursday, Aug. 13, 2009 - 7:47 a.m.

So of course, after I added all my blogs back to my 'follow' list, the original list mysteriously reappeared in its entirety. I know because I had forgotten a couple, and there they were again, as if nothing had happened. Foo.

I posted a helpful comment in the retailer-artist forum on the wholesale site, and two people subsequently looked at my blog. I know it's there to be read by strangers, gallery buyers and art show customers alike, but it still makes me nervous. I feel the gallery owners may be evaluating me in a way that the others are not. Wish I could find the balance between professional and on-topic, yet insightful and personal.

Um, what else. I made 10 pairs of earrings yesterday, which is about as many as I can manage in a day. I do a couple at a time and have to walk away for a bit, so even though they don't take too long each, I only end up doing a couple per hour. I don't really get my money out of them when you consider this. What's the best way to look at it, the active time spent on each, or the total amount of time I spend to do some quantity? That's 3 hours vs. 7-8 hours. But they sell well, so things will remain as they are until I become the Dale Chihuly of paper and can charge whatever the hell I want. (Hah)

I forgot to mention, my pitcher plant (the original one, the purpurea) caught a wasp the other day! Supercool.

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