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Language Log

Saturday, Aug. 15, 2009 - 7:50 a.m.

We thought the deck guy was going to come and demolish our existing deck yesterday, so we spent the day moving stuff off of it into the driveway and yard. But he didn't come, so now we have for enjoyment over the weekend a) a spacious yet unusable deck and b) crap all over our driveway and lawn. Great.

Kept up with my production schedule for a third whole day in a row. Amazing. I made a master wishlist of how much stuff I'd like to have ready over the next month for the big show and fall shop purchases, and it'll take, if I can keep to this schedule 7 days a week, about 31 days. Unfortunately, only 22 work days until the show (plus a 3-day buffer when newly resined stuff won't be done in time, but I can still finish things up). Also, these past 3 days I've just been fabricating things; soon things will be out of the resining stage and into the varnishing and finishing stages. It piles up quickly at that point. This is really boring, sorry. The glamorous life of a working artist.

Felt my first unmistakable fetal movement yesterday. That was kinda weird.

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