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Language Log

Sunday, Aug. 16, 2009 - 7:25 a.m.

We saw District 9 last night. Oh my gosh. So good. It kinda stayed with me all night-- I was dreaming about it. Partway into it I was like, "Oh yeah-- the reference is to District 8" (not really sure if I was remembering correctly or not). See, that African Studies minor was good for something. But if you don't know about District 8, that's ok-- go see the movie first, then go home and read up on the other. Only thing that puzzled me was why the Nigerians were speaking what sounded like Swahili. "Poa" and "Basi" are def. Sw. Could have been Zulu, I suppose. Having borrowed a bit of Swahili slang? Not exactly unheard of in Africa. :) I'm guessing they hired local actors, and just had them do their thing in their own language.

Worked on the stupid polkadot pieces for that one order. I hate the polkadot pieces. They take way too long for what they are. I took them off of my page, but apparently the person had added them to their cart a long time before that. It's ok, it's only a few, but ugh. Exhausting, stupid polkadots.

Bought another large box of tomatoes. Pizza sauce, maybe salsa?

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