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Language Log

Sunday, Sept. 06, 2009 - 9:45 p.m.

I'm watching "Tool Academy"-- don't ask why, there's really no good answer*-- but I noticed that all the guys have spiky hair. I thought, huh, this proves that spiked hair is evidence of douchehood and dickheadedness. Then I noticed that a) the host guy also has spiky hair and b) the Tool Silhouette on the logo has spiky hair. NOw I wonder if there are hairdressers behind the scene siking all spikable hair. If so, I still think it proves my point-- just demonstrates that VH1 is also very aware of it. I can't think of any counterexamples. I think every guy I've ever met with spiky hair has in fact been a douchebag.

* Ok, the reason I'm watching is because a) I needed something to watch while I ate dinner and b) True Blood is all reruns tonight and c) I promised J I wouldn't watch Mad Men without him and d) I've already seen Malibu Shark Attack.

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