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Thursday, Sept. 10, 2009 - 7:39 a.m.

I haven't mentioned this lately, but it's time again to say it, just in case anyone thinks the situation has changed: my brother is still a moron. That may be an insult to morons, who are probably more honest and self-disciplined than he is. Anyway.

One more day till the big show. I just have to: 1. assemble about 25 pairs of earrings (this also involves making about 10 pairs of hammered metal squiggles for accents); 2. Finish varnishing a bunch more things-- 2 coats per side (I haven't counted how many); 3. cut my earring cards and story cards; 4. finish making presentation cards for the fancy pieces, and arrange them on their displays; 5. organize my organizer box/register area. I think that's it. No, wait: also prep boxes (put sticker on and fill with aforementioned story card; arrange neatly in my box of boxes). Oh, and make about 20 more necklace cords (make clasps + make into cord). Uhh. Can I go back to bed now?

The weather Saturday is supposed to be good, at least. Highly pleasant, in fact.

I wish the media would just stop covering (or cover much less) the dumbass opinions of the anti-healthcare folks. Interesting people with well-informed, well-thought-out views and something to say, sure. But that's not who they seem to be finding. Instead they unearth some fool in a Waffle House who doesn't understand why insurance companies refusing to cover preexisting conditions is even problematic. NNggggghhhh. I do want to go back to bed. Wake me up when we have healthcare.

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