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Language Log

Monday, Nov. 09, 2009 - 7:39 a.m.

So, we think the Daytona no-live-music ordinance does not say what everyone thinks it says. J pointed this out, because unlike me (or the vast majority of regular humans) he has the ability to persevere through reading legalese without having seizures. Anyway.

Remember how my Nepenthes was finally pitchering? The cap of pitcher finally opened, and three or four ladybugs immediately went in for a dip. Awesome. It also has another pitcher forming, too! Success! I want to repot it, but I'm afraid to. Don't want to kill it just when it's starting to do something.

Started scanning and uploading to FB some of the old family photos I have, so my sisters and their kids can have copies. I feel pretty good about it. I was feeling both pretty guilty about hogging the photos, which after all I only have out of coincidence, but at the same time really resisting my mother's suggestion that she just send quantities of them directly to my sisters. I don't trust anyone else to provide copies, either, and I want first dibs. But if I say I'm going to do it to justify keeping them all these years, I really should get the hell on it. So now I have. I hope I can keep the momentum. There are a lot of photos. Boxes.

I found a couple slide boxes (20-some slides in each) of baby pictures of me. Since dad was a photographer, they are mostly excellent. And darn was I ever cute. I especially like the one of me at about 1 1/2, leaning over the side of the boat to point at the dolphins. No parents anywhere near me. Awesome. (Well, hey, I knew how to swim).

But seriously, what do you do with baby pics of yourself? If they were already on display, I'd leave them out, but it seems strange to have prints made and put them out at this late date. I might make an album for my mom. She hasn't seen these pics in forever. I guess prints were never made (not much photo display space in a boat).

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