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Language Log

Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2009 - 7:47 a.m.

As I mentioned, we're leaving today. In the afternoon, thank goodness. But I'm still really really not ready. I have to a) change the turtle water, b) clean a bit so the cat sitters don't call the health Dept on us, c) finish the trial setting up of my booth in its new smaller configuration, since the show is the day after we get back, d) call back the person about doing some custom letter pendants, e) if I were really on it, I'd package up some jewelry to send to the art center shop, like I promised to a month ago. Also I wanted to exercise a bit. And list another card in my shop. Oh, and since it's going to start freezing next week while we're away, I have to bring in all my plants from the deck.

Got a remote on/off switch for my new lights above the drafting table, so I don't have to crawl under the table to in-plug and unplug them anymore. That's progress, there.

My mom is bringing me grits. You know, you can't get good grits here (by 'good', I mean non-instant, the kind that come in a paper bag, Dixie Lily or Dixie Mills). I had the ones from the farmer's market, but one time I found bugs in them, so I can't eat those anymore. I'm almost out of my last bag, so the situation is becoming urgent.

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