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Saturday, Jul. 24, 2010 - 9:05 p.m.

A tooth surfaced today. Very exciting, the culmination of all this drooling. Well, the onset of the culmination. There will be other teeth to follow (one hopes).

Made pesto today. Turns out, Spigotbottom loves pesto. Atta girl! She also had tomatoes today (and toast, and plum, and whole wheat penne, and a nosh on a corn cob). I hear you're not supposed to give them tomatoes, because of the acid. Oh, well. People do a lot of that-- brainstorming to figure out how giving a baby a particular food could possibly go badly for some baby somewhere, and on the basis of that, recommend against any adventure whatsoever. Bah!

Still artistically frustrated. "Hello, I am a rectangle and I have been made into an earring" is all well and good, but you can't populate an entire art fair booth with rectangles. It will fail to be engaging in the way that a booth needs to be to draw in the customers. Variety! Flash! Look at this! Look at that! Don't you want it all! They will not want it all, not if it's all earth-toned rectangles. Maybe I shouldn't get rid of the bright dyed pieces, low price point and lower margin nonwithstanding.

And I keep seeing other people's work, so simple, I can beat that, I think. And yet. And fucking yet. (As the character from the new China Mieville novel would say). One person, she had scraps of things tied to safety pins with string. On its own, each one looked lame. Taken together, they made an elegant body of work. Another person, it was, "Hello, I am rectangles of metal on a cord", selling very well thank you very much.

It's just, you'd think, how better to improve on paper jewelry than by using handmade paper? Which is even more awesome and pretty than non-handmade paper? Well. Obstacles pop up in the strangest places.

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