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Tuesday, Apr. 05, 2011 - 9:15 p.m.

Found a home for the turtles. All we have to do is drive them to FL. Except it turns out that UPS will ship turtles (who knew?), so maybe we'll ship them (overnight).

Me and my photographer friend have a plan to collaborate on a book-- I'll bind it, she'll do photos. Tentative subject is the turtles. A narrative of some sort. That part is her idea. See, I'm all structured and stuff and was like, "we could do it this way or this way of this way", and she's like, 'hey, let's take some pictures of the turtles! And then make it into a story! See where it goes!' I'm hoping we actually do it!

I have this idea that it would be a good project, to collaborate with everyone on my FB friends list as well as others, each person a book. I know lots wouldn't do it for whatever reason (time and interest at the top of the list), but in principle it would be interesting and revealing. But first, this turtle book. Just to see how it can work.

Sewed up the first letter in my dad's letter book. Each section will be quite thick. I have to resew the letter into the section, though-- got slack thread somehow. Curse you, slack thread! Now I have to decide what to do the covers out of. I have his ancient YMCA shirt-- I mean, the thing is from 1940 or so-- but it's in pretty bad shape, not sure I can use it. Very thin, stretchy cotton jersey, and with holes in it to boot. But I like the idea.

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