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Language Log

Friday, Sept. 09, 2011 - 2:48 p.m.

Been reading a great bunch of essays on craft and jewelry by Bruce Metcalf. It's made me realize that I am indeed not a process artist as I suspected I might be. Apparently an obsession with process and materials is a general trait of dedicated craftspeople. He also has a thing about how craft and art are indeed different, and I have been persuaded! Whcih is not to say I can't do interesting things with ideas in it, but as he puts it, the ideas are going to be subordinate to the materials, not the other way around.

Working on these new bracelets. I have decided that I should make the line, above all else, fun and playful. The trick is to make it so and also make it beautiful, and not simply childish.

I've been wearing this one pendant a lot lately that I made from my pumpkin vine paper. I decide that I like it quite a lot. Naturally, I went to find my pumpkin paper so I could experiment more with it, and I think I must have tossed it in frustration before the move. When will I get pumpkin vines again? Well, I can plant them next year. The good thing about papermaking, it doesn't really matter if the plant up and dies for some reason before it sets fruit.

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