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Tuesday, Apr. 10, 2012 - 5:40 a.m.

The damn cat is expanding his assault on us. Last week, he pooped in the living room because I guess the door to the hallway was closed and he couldn't get to the litterbox. We immediately put a bowl of food there, but the first time it went empty a couple of days later, he pooped there again. Then yesterday, for no apparent reason (he had total access to the litterbox, which had also just been cleaned), he pooped on the fucking kitchen floor. Yesterday evening, he pooped in the litterbox, proving that he can in fact do it sometimes. Then poop in the usual spot on the bathroom floor this morning.

It's like the sonofabitch is trying to get us to throw him out into traffic.

Considering whether I should let him out to poop in the yard. Personally, I think it will result in him just pooping in all my plants like the neighbor cat does (but, you know, different ones so I have twice the cleanup to do), all while continuing to poop in inappropriate places when he's inside. Plus meowing to go outside at 5am.

Traffic is sounding better and better. I guess I should make an appointment with a vet to check (again) to see if there's anything medically wrong with him, but if there's not...I don't know what to do. I hate to have him put down because of this, it doesn't seem like pooping should be a capital crime, but I can't have a cat shitting all over the house with a toddler running around and a new baby on the way. I guess we'd put him outside first, but.

Also, I normally don't complain about J here because there usually isn't much to complain about, but I'm fresh from cleaning up cat shit at 5:30am, and that makes me a tad more irritable than usual. I have an order need to finish and send out. I told him that yesterday. I have to make ear wires (hammering that cannot be accomplish now, or during a nap), print stuff up and cut my earring cards, package it all up, etc. Kind of a long process. Anyway, the deal was I'm supposed to get Tues and Thurs mornings to work. LAtely, I end up scheduling doctor's appts/visits to the lab to have blood drawn/etc. during that time, so I don't actually get both of those times each week. Last Thurs he was traveling. The deal was, 9- noonish. I usually end up WAKING him at 9, so I dont' get my full time. Well, this morning, after last night I had told him I HAVE to get this oprder out today, he stays up all night working on something. And he still has his usual afternoon commitments, I assume, so his only time to sleep is...during my much-needed work time. "I had something that had to get done", he said. I'm sure that's true, But sweetie, you ALWAYS have something that has to get done. I have something like that maybe once a month if I'm lucky, and I need a little cooperation from you that one fucking day a month if we're to continue this farce that is my "business". I usually wrest the time from you one way or another, it's true, but I'd like to not have to _fight_ for it. I'd like to just say, hey, I need to work on this, it's important that I get it done today, and you actually get up and take Q when you're supposed to. Not force me to debate, "well, how important is it really? Can it wait another day? Maybe I can do the work this evening when I'm exhausted, instead of in the morning when I'm alert and productive? After all, J is sleepy, and he has to do x, y, and z..." every. fucking. time. I would think you would understand that, and yet.

Yeah, my mom is here, but she's rubbish for helping with Q. She'll play with her, but when she wanders away, mom doesn't have the sense to get up and find her and pull her off my leg or whatever. And if she needs anything more complicated than a glass of water, mom comes to me to get it.

Guess I better go prep ear wires for hammering.

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