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Language Log

Sunday, May. 06, 2012 - 2:28 p.m.

It's become just exhausting these days. Q's 2-hood is here with a vengeance. The most annoying thing, I'd say, is when you offer her something. If she doesn't want it, she often doesn't just say no-- she has a mini-fit and throws whatever she's got in her hands. "Would you like some water?" is followed by a maraca being pitched across the room. It gets old quick. Makes you not want to offer her things. The problem is when she does this, it's often when she's tired and/or humgry-- so you want to offer her things in case food will solve the mood problem. It just ends up exacerbating MY mood problem.

Second most irritating things is that she's always telling me to stand up if I sit down. Occasionally to sit down if that suits her agenda, which it usually doesn't. She won't say anything about why, just repeats "Stand up! Stand up! Stand up!" or occasionally "Stand up please!" until I do it or a tantrum occurs.

Third most irritating thing is when she asks for a glass of water, you give it to her, and she immediately and intentionally dumps it on the floor. Yes, I make her clean it up. This one happens at least daily.

Yeah. Tiring. This isn't to mention the daily fights over changing the diaper, coming or going, putting on shoes, naps, turning the light off or on.

But when she isn't protesting my every move, she's very sweet.

I'm regretting ever letting Vindaloo out. She's killing my plants by crapping in the garden, and meows incessantly beginning between 4:30-5am.

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